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Brick sealing

Pavers are extremely durable. Sealing however may enhance colors and may prevent staining. If you choose to seal, we recommend to do so a minimum of 60 to 90 days after completion of installation.

Sealing is not essential in many applications but it offers some benefits like making spills and stains easier to remove. Liquid sealers are applied after the pavers are installed and are cleaned. Once applied, the sealers soak into the concrete and into the joints. The sealers in the joints help keep the joint sand in place and prevent weeds and ants, and sealers are essential for areas around swimming pools.

Sealing is a personal choice. Sealing can help enhance colors, protect against stains, and prevent joint sand from washing out. The main reason that people seal their Brick Pavers or Decorative Concrete is to create an enhanced "wet" look. This will deepen the colors and add a satin to semi gloss shine. It will also protect the pavers and cement from spills, oils, and the degrading effects of the sun.

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