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Fire pits

Imagine your family circled around a blazing fire roasting marshmallows, or a romantic evening with a loved one cuddling by firelight in the privacy of your own back yard. A custom built fire pit by MakBrick will be a great addition to your garden, and it will provide years of great memories.

Safety is always a concern when dealing with fire. MakBrick fire pits are among the safest on the market. The fire is contained in a pit below ground minimizing the risk of coals accidentally leaving the burn area. The pit is completely constructed of stone and concrete adding extra durability and protection. Finally a small retaining wall can be erected between the fire pit and your home, which serves as extra protection from wind, and serves as a wonderful seating area too.

All stone work by MakBrick is custom design and built to suit your unique needs. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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